Eating well and keeping your figure - Food day

Eating well and keeping your figure – Food day

We are living longer, and keeping in good physical health is getting more and more difficult. Even Hippocrates was convinced that « food is the best medicine » for Man. In fact, recent studies show us that good health is directly linked to the food we eat. We need food to live,  but it can also generate pleasure, weight loss, health and vitality. However, the opposite is also true, with food causing malnourishment, obesity and illness when it is unbalanced or ill-adapted. As part of World Food Day organised by the UN FAO — Food & Agriculture Organization,  Dr Natalie Rajao would like to help you make a personal assessment in terms of diet, nutrition and cosmetic surgery techniques, in order to attain your physical goals.  Flat stomach,  lifted and rounded buttocks, full and shapely breasts. Discover how to get the body shape of your dreams.

Excess fat,  overweight…  the bad results of an unbalanced diet

A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet accompanied by regular physical exercise… Taking care of your body is a real discipline necessary for good health but also to help slow down the ageing process or even delay the onset of certain pathologies linked to weight problems or nutrient malabsorption.

Nutrition is an essential factor in the prevention of many modern day pathologies, including diabetes and heart disease.  Food is essential for staying fit and living longer. It helps maintain good health and a vital physical appearance. Sometimes, however, it is possible to reach our ideal body weight through proper nutrition and exercise, but still not find satisfaction with the physical shape we have attained. Certain areas of the body are extremely difficult to target with simple diet and exercise. In these cases, several cosmetic surgery techniques can be recommended relative to the problem of the patient.

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed with lipofilling 

Who has not dreamed of transferring fat on their body to other zones that need it? Thanks to the magic of lipofilling, it is now possible: buttocks, breasts, face… volumes are restored and the figure regains a perfect and natural harmony by using injections of fat taken from the patient themselves.

No need for an implant or fillers, ample stomach fat can be used to enhance the buttocks, or to smooth out unpleasant wrinkles. During the intervention, fat is sucked out from the donor zones –  saddle bags of fat on hips,  thighs, knees, stomach… — , then centrifuged and purified, before being reinjected just under the skin into the areas which lack volume or the patient desires to be plumped up. In this way fatty tissues provide a natural result without the risk of rejection. Very thin cannulas are used during the operation so as not to leave a scar in the reinjection zone. It takes around six months before the definitive results are seen.

Improve the appearance of your abdomen with an  abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) 

Even if you do sports, go on a diet and have a balanced food intake, it is sometimes difficult to improve your body shape, particularly the stomach area. Nothing works, it does not become firm again. In this case, it may be necessary to use cosmetic surgery with an  abdominoplasty.

In fact, this intervention helps eliminate recalcitrant fatty tissues located in precise zones around the stomach. Aesthetic or reparative, this operation triumphs where training and diet fail, but also allows the correction of unsightly folds of skin in the stomach area linked to major weight-loss, such as with a mothers apron belly or muscular distension. The fat is aspirated, the skin re-stretched, muscles are repositioned for improved body shape, depending on the patient’s needs.

It is important to emphasise that these two interventions provide a natural result and rebalance body shape harmony, but cannot solve everything. In  fact, in order to maintain the benefits of the operation, the patient must adopt a health way of life including taking dietary measures and physical exercise, in order to stabilise weight.

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