Garments, massages, drainage: steps you can take to aid cosmetic surgery and their benefits

Scars, swelling, bruising… If you are planning to have aesthetic treatments performed on your face or body, the surgeon recommends some steps you can take to prepare your skin and speed up your recovery. These specific treatments are an essential part of patient care. Offering the individual guidance through cosmetic surgery extends beyond the doctor’s visit and technical procedure. Patients also need support before and after surgery. Dr. Natalie Rajaonarivelo and her team provide care that helps prepare the skin, improve and promote healing, and simplify recovery. Arnica, Bromelain, draining… find out more about the treatments recommended by Dr. Rajao for a smooth, gentle experience.

Prepare for your surgery with pre-operative care

To approach your surgery with peace of mind, you should prepare your skin before any cosmetic procedure to improve its response during the post-operative process. This helps optimize healing and recovery for patients. To do that, Dr. Rajaonarivelo prescribes different paramedical and pre-operative treatments.

Arnica: paramedical preparation to avoid bruising

Homeopathy is extremely useful in the context of surgical procedures, especially with a plant that is widely used when preparing for an operation, Arnica Montana.

Of the treatments used in the paramedical preparation of patients, it helps prevent hematomas and hemorrhaging during a cosmetic surgery operation and therefore the development of bruising. Derived from the plant of the same name, Arnica Montana strengthens the skin tissue surrounding the blood vessels, which protects them. This contributes to both preventing and limiting bleeding. It also promotes faster reabsorption of hematomas after surgery. Homeopathic formulas containing arnica montana and hypericum perforatum are therefore highly recommended a few days before and after a cosmetic surgery procedure to prepare the body for the operation.

Bromelain and its draining action

Bromelain is made up of a group of proteolytic enzymes, or proteases, extracted from the stem of pineapple, which are recognized for their draining and anti-inflammatory properties. These benefits make it a precious healthcare aid in cosmetic surgery. Its therapeutic properties support healing after surgery and more specifically drain toxins from the organism by improving tissue permeability, promoting fibrinolysis and acting to dissolve blood clots, edemas and the buildup of platelets that can pass into the bloodstream. Its draining and healing action complements the benefits of arnica, but other treatments can also be used after surgery to maximize recovery.

Post-operative aids and treatments to promote healing

Everyone is unique and reacts differently during the healing process. That is why it is important to suggest aids and treatments to patients on top of rigorous post-operative follow-up and appointments for a smoother recovery. Drains, bandages, wraps, garments, etc., every surgeon has post-operative treatments that they typically recommend. Dr. Rajaonarivelo offers various solutions to facilitate your recovery.

The right amount of pressure with compression garments

Post-surgical compression garments such as girdles, panties or bras, hug the contours of the body and apply the exact pressure needed to the surgical site. Compression is used to limit complications – including phlebitis, bleeding, edemas and hematomas – and helps deep tissue to re-adhere and the skin to retract and tighten back into position. It also contributes to stabilizing the position of the implant, if there is one, while accelerating the reduction in swelling around the surgical site. These medical aids offer many advantages, but they must be used alongside other solutions to reduce side effects from surgery.

Techniques for draining edemas

After cosmetic surgery, Dr. Rajaonarivelo may prescribe special drainage massages on the surgical site to stimulate circulation and the patient’s immune and lymphatic system, which helps the organism reduce edema and heal better. As a result, hematomas, swelling and ecchymosis (bruising) are more easily reabsorbed. Recovery is therefore faster, more comfortable and less painful for patients, which explains why drainage is an essential post-operative treatment.

The LED light therapy revolution on scars

In cosmetic surgery, one of the things patients fear most is scarring. Although nowadays, we can completely eliminate scarring, there is another extremely effective way of stimulating, improving and accelerating the healing process, and reducing the size of any mark left behind: LED light therapy. A genuine revolution in aesthetic treatments, this technology is also used to reduce scarring. Its monochromatic light acts on the skin’s healing process. Fibroblasts are stimulated and reactivate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Used immediately after surgery or on older marks, the appearance of the scar is visibly improved and less noticeable.

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