woman nose to be redone without surgery

How to remove a bump on your nose without surgery?

If you are interested in aesthetic medicine and beauty, you will have undoubtedly already seen before and after photos of a medical rhinoplasty on social media.

This technique of injecting hyaluronic acid corrects nose imperfections and defects without surgery, sometimes with impressive results.

Numerous patients consult me about removing a bump on their nose but do not wish to go for a radical solution. Consequently, a medical rhinoplasty is a perfect solution with impressive natural results and minimal side effects.


The nose, what an organ!

Made up of tissue – fat, skin, muscle – as well as bone and cartilage, the nose is an extremely complex organ. Everyone has one and they come in many shapes and sizes: almost everyone’s nose is different.

Straight nose, snub nose, celestial nose, hooked nose, aquiline nose, hawk nose… these nose types – there are 14 Caucasian types – refer to all the different and varied nose shapes! Short, big, long, flat, wide, small, snub, asymmetric, hawk, bumpy…

Whether you love your nose or have a complex about it, this organ we use for smelling adds character and personality to the face. Inherited from our mother, father, or our ancestors, it reinforces our genetic heritage.


Why do I have a bump on my nose? Causes of a nasal bump

Although there is no aesthetic canon for noses, an « imperfect » nose can affect the balance of a face and seem out of place. Some people are perfectly happy with a nose of unusual proportions and shape; others will have a complex, or experience social and psychological anxiety.

This is the case for patients with a bumpy nose or a bump on the nose. The latter develops on the bony part of the nose as a result of kyphosis (curve), an impact, a blow, or during puberty (age up to which the nose continues to grow).

Nose surgery involves « breaking » and removing the osteocartilaginous bump, whereas a medical rhinoplasty restores, without surgery, a straight, more harmonious nose using hyaluronic acid injections.


Correcting a bump on the nose without undergoing a rhinoplasty

Hyaluronic acid is a more or less thick, viscous gel used as a filler to treat signs of facial skin aging.

When highly reticulated (volumizing), it can be used to accurately reshape some parts of the face, including a bumpy nose.


What does an injection session involve?


– The consultation is key

The consultation is essential as it will not only enable me to examine my patient but also understand their motivations and expectations, and ensure that a medical rhinoplasty is indicated (in particular to ensure the bump is not too high or too large).

I explain the session step by step, which product I’m going to use, and recovery. I provide a detailed quote with the number of syringes required (in the case of a bump one syringe is enough), as well as the informed consent to be signed and all the documentation.

A session is relatively short; remodeling is achieved by injection above the bump to fill the dip, resulting in a straighter, Greek nose.

The main aesthetic challenge with this nose correction technique is not to overload the nose in terms of volume and prominence.


-Recovery & result

Recovery is quite straightforward. The nose can be sensitive or there may be a slight loss of sensitivity for a few days.

The result is immediate and above all perfectly natural. It can last a long time, over a year, even sometimes up to 24 months depending on the patient’s body, as the nose is an area that is not very mobile.


Medical rhinoplasty: what precautions?

I am especially careful with the tip of the nose – if it needs to be touched – as it is highly vascularized and fragile; an intravascular injection could lead to necrosis.

Perfect knowledge of the anatomy of the face and the nose along with extensive experience are the prerequisites for safe injections in the nose.


A bump on the nose: when to opt for nose surgery?

HA injections in the nose temporarily correct some defects or imperfections.

If the aesthetic change is considerable or there is a functional defect (deviated nasal septum for example), we will opt more willingly for nose correction surgery.

It should be noted that to have your nose done, a surgical rhinoplasty is a radical solution that patients may simply prefer.

Incidentally, when possible, the medical variant allows patients to see the result without having to take the plunge straight away. Indeed, nose surgery is by no means insignificant and this decision must therefore be carefully thought through.

In any case, during the consultation I will take the time to listen to your motivations and your expectations and advise you on the best approach.

I aim to always opt for a subtle correction, for a nose that blends perfectly with the face and is above all unique.

Your face must retain its charm!




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