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How to stay radiant after 50: which aesthetic procedures ?

First and foremost, a key point is that no, it is not recommended and even less compulsory to undergo aesthetic surgery to « stay radiant after 50 » because you can look and feel beautiful after 50 without aesthetic surgery!

However, it would be wrong to say that these operations do not bring great satisfaction to those who take the plunge. This article aims to provide advice for women over 50 who are thinking about correcting certain aspects of their face.

Aesthetic surgery will not stop the clock but for small or big complexes it will wipe the slate clean so you can continue aging well.

An ultra-personalized French vision that I love, far from clichés and injunctions.


#1 Face lift: customized

With time, the skin thins and sags. This skin sagging is initially mild to moderate but tends to worsen with time. Some women experience a greater loss of tone than others of the same age depending on their genetics, their lifestyle, but also the nature of their skin or their anatomy. The face tends to sag and the expected result of a lift can be observed in front of a mirror by lifting the contours of the face with the hands.

Customized surgery, a « modern » facelift aims to restore the lost harmony of the face by repositioning the subcutaneous structures, in particular the Superficial MusculoAponeurotic System (SMAS). We do not pull the skin, we lift the tissues that have sagged. The result is not only ultra natural (not frozen, stretched, or « lifted » in the negative sense of the word) but it ages well.


#2 Neck lift

A neck lift is commonly combined with a lower facelift or cervicofacial lift, but in some cases can be done alone. This is particularly the case when the skin of the neck begins to sag considerably combined or not with thickening or visible platysmal bands (dewlap). This customized lift involves specific procedures – particularly deep in the cervical muscles, platysma muscle – of which the aim is to recreate a balanced and harmonious cervical angle even after 50… and for years to come!


#3 Refreshed eyes with a blepharoplasty

Droopy eyelids make the complexion seem unjustly sad and tired. Moreover, the eyes no longer look like you and do not express your energy or inner joy. If some people have naturally sagging eyes or eyelids, this phenomenon tends to worsen with time; the skin around the eyes is very fine and fragile and tends to sag. The dark circles can sometimes become wrinkled and may or may not be combined with fat pockets. A blepharoplasty is precise, customized eye surgery that does not change your personality or your charm but rejuvenates, widens, and illuminates the eyes.


#4 Rejuvenated breasts with breast surgery

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, changes in weight or hormones, sun exposure, smoking… our neckline and breasts can suffer the consequences! Sagging breast skin, breast hypertrophy… a breast lift, combined or not with breast reduction or the insertion of implants, will help lift the breasts and restore a harmonious profile. These aesthetic breast surgery procedures bring great satisfaction.


#5 A more harmonious tummy with an abdominoplasty

Pregnancies, significant weight gain or loss, age… as with the breasts, the abdomen can also begin to sag and excess fat is difficult to eliminate with diets and sports. An abdominoplasty is an aesthetic restructuring procedure to recover a flat tummy: it involves removing excess skin, removing the excess fat using liposuction, and redraping the area. In the case of diastasis, an abdominoplasty will bring together the vertical muscles pulled apart as a result of one or several pregnancies.


#6 Lipofilling to restore the fullness of the face

Lasting alternative to hyaluronic acid injections, facial lipofilling consists in injecting your own fat into hollow areas to restore volume.

With time, the face loses fat and becomes skeletal, looking sad and tired. The filtered fat reinjected in the face helps visibly improve the quality of the skin, which becomes more radiant. This revolutionary technique is today often combined with a lift in men and women whose face is a little emaciated in places. If this grafting method is less accurate than fillers – there is a loss of approximately 30% of the volume injected – it offers more natural, lasting results with no addition of products.


And if I don’t want to undergo surgery? Focus on non-invasive maintenance techniques

Before considering surgery, non-surgical anti-aging techniques can effectively fight the signs of facial aging: loss of volume, tone, wrinkles, and fine lines (whether due to sagging or repeated expressions) but also brown spots or imperfections.

Gentle techniques – laser, radiofrequency, microneedling, and peelspromote the production of collagen and stimulate cell regeneration. They are ideal to prevent premature aging but also for maintaining the effects of surgical procedures. They also help to « delay » more invasive surgery and are alternatives for patients who do not wish to undergo this type of procedure (even though they cannot totally replace them).

Finally, a healthy diet, sleep, low stress levels, stopping smoking, sun protection, and even the right cosmetic care routine are all means of defense against premature skin aging.

Everything you need to glow after 50 and just simply age well!

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