I am getting older and losing my self-confidence due to my wrinkles, what can I do?

Skin aging is inevitable but whereas before we hunted down every wrinkle, now we are looking to “age well”. In contrast to the anti-aging approach, pro-aging focuses on the quality of the skin and customized, comprehensive patient treatment.
For this, techniques without surgery are particularly effective: whether preventive or targeted, they are also discreet and offer lasting, natural results that genuinely participate in improving the quality of the skin, all ages, bodies and faces included.
What are the best medical aesthetic techniques for beautiful skin?


Prevention in aesthetic medicine

Beautiful skin is skin you look after using the right cosmetics (for the needs and age of your skin) and a routine you can incorporate at home: cleansing morning and evening, exfoliating once a week, nourishing, regenerating, and of course protecting, as the sun is the skin’s worst enemy.
At the practice, it is possible to slow the signs of aging using one or several techniques targeting your needs that will help visibly improve the quality of your skin: smoothed and toned skin with, as a bonus, an even, radiant complexion.
Targeted injections, gentle peels, lasers, absorbable tensor threads, or mesotherapy with skin boosters: overview of new rejuvenation techniques that work.



Injections are the benchmark treatment in aesthetic medicine but the clichés seem to stick and yet highly targeted injections can geuninely prevent the most visible signs of aging, as well as offer a little rejuvenation at any age without looking “doctored”.


Botulinum toxin

A face is never transformed!  For example, a fine line will be treated using a microdose of Botox (botulinum toxin) before it becomes too pronounced, in other words before the dermis is too “broken”. The benefit is twofold: not only is the area smoothed for at least 4 to 6 months but you lose the bad habits that often result in negative expression lines. The change is visible, you look more rested but never frozen. Botulinum toxin is also used as a preventive method to decrease the action of the muscles that pull the face down and will thus help you age better.


Hyaluronic acid

Injections of hyaluronic acid (AH) – star molecule in aesthetic medicine – can be chosen to fill more pronounced folds, particularly the nasolabial folds or the bitterness folds. As a bonus, AH deeply moisturizes and plumps the skin.
The art of injections is to work with small targeted amounts combining different hyaluronic acids depending on the area, and above all adapating to the shape of the patient for a natural, harmonious result, in a word: chic.


Mesotherapy or skin boosters

Mesotherapy involves injecting a runnier non-volumizing version of hyaluronic acid in combination with a complex of multivitamins to revitalize the skin. In a few sessions, two to three a year, this star treatment oxygenates and nourishes the skin and stimulates microcirculation. Suitable for young as well as more mature skin, this skin booster is perfectly indicated for dull, wrinkled skin lacking radiance.


Peels to refresh the skin

A Peel is a technique of chemical exfoliation that has been used for many years and never disappoints. Safe, effective and painless, a medical peel is second to none when it comes to improving the skin by targeting both dead cells and melanic cells responsible for pigmentation spots that dull the complexion.
Two great classics: superficial hyaluronic acid peel and TCA peel.
The first is perfect to instantly brighten the face and tighten the pores. After a few sessions – generally 3 or 4 – the complexion is brighter and the texture refined.
TCA peels, for fair phototypes, smooth the epidermis and the dermis and stimulate collagen synthesis. Stronger than a hyaluronic acid peel, it causes the skin to peel slightly but it is for a good cause: fine lines as well as brown spots and marks are attenuated. In any case, afterwards it is important to stay out of the sun to avoid hyperpigmentation.
To remove more localized pigmentation spots, laser sessions even out and illuminate the complexion.


Treatment of sagging skin


Tensor threads

New generation tensor threads are entirely absorbable and in addition to correcting mild or even moderate skin sagging, stimulate the production of collagen to improve the quality of the skin over time.
Tensor threads are a non-surgical alternative to a neck and face lift: they tighten the area while inducing skin regeneration.
This technique is performed under local anesthesia: the threads are inserted using a needle along a precise line in the area to be treated. The threads are pulled so the mini-cones or small notches hook onto the tissues and tighten the skin.
This technique does however need to be performed by an experienced practitioner who is used to doing it to ensure the threads are inserted perfectly and the result meets your expectations, namely the oval contours of the face beautifully resculpted and the neck subtly lifted. The result lasts between approximately 6 and 18 months; the threads are naturally absorbed.



Microfocused ultrasound (with Ulthera) can also be used to very naturally and without surgery tighten the contours of the face, as well as lift drooping eyelids. Doctor Rajao does not perform laser techniques but will be able to recommend a practitioner you can trust.
Some treatments can be combined to optimize their effects. During the consultation and after close examination of your skin, Doctor Rajao will be able to recommend an entirely personalized treatment plan to improve the quality of your skin whatever your age and to help you feel in harmony with yourself, even with a few wrinkles!

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