Juvapen injector pen for botulinum toxin injections

Botulinum toxin: The high tech revolution

A new high-tech tool has been reporting great success at the practice over the last few weeks: the Juvapen injector pen for botulinum toxin injections.

Patients who have been coming to the practice for several years have been surprised by the soft purring sound they hear during each injection and by the marked decrease in stinging sensations.

Manufactured in Switzerland, a country known for its precision, the Juvapen injector pen delivers a perfectly controlled micro-dose of product and has become an essential tool at the practice for several reasons.

  • Fewer touch-ups
    The injector pen’s unique precision makes it possible to deliver exactly the same dose to symmetrical points on both sides of the face. So there is less need for touch-ups
  • Less pain
    The motor-powered injection delivers a constant flow of product, which significantly reduces the discomfort felt during the procedure
  • More precision
    The outstanding accuracy of the selected injection volume (up to 0.125 ml) delivers high precision injections which can be administered to delicate areas that are usually left untreated
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