Embellishment and Rejuvenation of the Lips

Embellishment and Rejuvenation of the Lips

Rejuvenation of the perioral area and of the lips is a very complex procedure. An effective and natural result requires a lot of expertise.

As a specialist of aesthetic medicine and surgery, Doctor Natalie Rajaonarivelo was asked to write a chapter dealing with the rejuvenation of the lips and the perioral area in a reference work.

Medical and surgical techniques can be used for lip rejuvenation. The lip contours can be reshaped to embellish the mouth, but the surgeon can also proceed to enhance the dynamic of the lips and of the smile, a volume increase in the red lip, or the treatment of circumoral lines.

The available medical treatment for embellishing the mouth are:

  • Hyaluronic acid injections, to fill in the lines with a « Blanching » technique or to increase the volume of the lips accordingly to the volumizing power of the acid.
  • Botulinum toxin injections to unwind downwards the tense corners of the mouth by untightening the depressors in this area (DAO: DepressorAnguliOri).
  • Moderate peels for smoothing the skin of the circumoral area and treating skin sagging.
  • A silicon volumizing implant can be used for a permanent augmentation of the volume of the lips.

The lip lift is the most popular surgical procedure for mouth embellishment. It consists in reducing the height of the white lip, which tends to extend over time. Lip lift also makes it possible to increase the volume of the red lip when it has decreased over time.
In all cases, the teeth can also be treated for a good positioning and an optimal color to create an aesthetically pleasing mouth and smile.

For more information, please find out about the complete chapter about circumoral rejuvenation from the book « Implantologie Enjeux & Défis ».

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