Round or Anatomical implants

Round or anatomical implants?

For a breast augmentation using implants, there is no obvious choice between round or anatomical prosthetics.

The choice really depends on the patient, what she wants, her morphology and her breasts.

A round implant has a base in the shape of a circle. From the profile view, it has a slightly rounded appearance.

An anatomical, or teardrop, implant has the natural shape of a breast, especially when seen from the side.

There is always a risk that anatomical implants will rotate or shift, but this is rare when the post-operative precautions are followed.

Choosing between a round or anatomical implant really depends on what the patient wants.

Round implants will give more shapely cleavage with a fuller, more rounded breast shape.

Anatomical implants produce a more natural appearance for a breast augmentation. They are ideal for small breasts or slim patients who want a perfectly natural result.

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