A new treatment for lips offering a natural result


Enhance the shape of your mouth

Volbella represents a revolutionary solution for reshaping and rejuvenating the lips. These natural and safe injections are designed to fill in the lips and the perioral area, a very delicate area of skin.
This new treatment aiming at enhancing the lips offers lasting and clinically proven results. Intended for all people, Volbella reduces the effects of aging such as dehydration, loss of volume and the deformation of the contours and offers an extremely elegant result.
Volbella reshapes the lips, increases their volume if they are too thin, and fills in the lines in the corners of the mouth.

A natural efficiency

Volbella consists of a new generation of hyaluronic acid with a low molecular weight. This gel treatment produced by biosynthesis is fast, simple and natural. The highly fluid texture containing the active principles blends durably and harmoniously with the natural components of the skin.

The injections made through very thin needles under the epidermis surface stimulate a new production of collagen and the blending of hyaluronic acid with the skin tissues leads to a filling reaction.

For your comfort, Volbella contains a local anesthetic called Lidocaine which makes the injections painless.

Doctor Natalie Rajaonarivelo’s opinion

« Many of my patients want to give lips a fuller appearance, but they are worried of looking not natural. With this very fluid texture, I can reshape the lips precisely with great finesse. The result is very natural and elegant. »

Cost of Volbella treatment

One Volbella session generally costs between 250 and 500 euros, according to the treated surface.

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