What is coolsculpting?

Cryolipolysis using Coolsculpting is the benchmark treatment to treat localized excess fat without surgery.


How does this treatment act on the fat cells?

This treatment – based on freezing the fat to be eliminated – is a purely external treatment with no scars. A specific applicator is simply placed on the area to be treated and the cold (-13 degrees Celsius) diffused by the applicator will eliminate the excess fat cells.

Cryolipolysis using Coolsculpting replaces liposuction when the skin is toned enough to tighten again thanks to its elasticity and when the excess fat is very localized. As with liposuction, cryolipolysis will resculpt the silhouette but will not affect weight.


Undergoing cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is carried out at the practice. The areas to be treated are firstly marked out with a pen then the specialist nurse positions the applicator.

A different applicator is used depending on the area to be treated: for example the CoolMini is used to treat very precise areas (for example double chin fat) and the CoolMax applicator is used for larger areas of excess fat. In addition to the traditional CoolAdvantage applicator, there is now also the CoolPetite applicator to optimize treatment precision.

Once the applicator is correctly positioned and the treatment begins, firstly you will feel a pulling sensation due to the suction followed by a sensation of cold. This sensation is very brief as the cold anesthetizes the area. The temperature drops to -13 degrees to kill the fat cells which are then eliminated naturally. At the end of the treatment, a one-minute massage breaks up the clusters of frozen fat cells.


When is it possible to see the results?

The results are not visible straight away. It is necessary to wait approximately three months to see the results. Contrary to liposuction, there is no risk of damaging the skin with cryolipolysis.

The treatment is definitive as long as the patient maintains a relatively stable weight after the treatment.

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