Platelets are the major source of growth factors acting on healing.

Initially used for orthopedics, PRP injections lead to a clear improvement of the trophicity -quality- of the treated tissues and an increase of their regeneration capacity. Their use extends to aesthetic medicine with the aim of improving the quality of the skin.

PRP offers excellent results such as in the treatment of alopecia (hair loss) on men and women during the initial phases. The injected growth factors will stimulate hair re-growth and strengthen the hair follicles to reduce alopecia.

The product being autologous, created by the patient, does not have any side effect that patients may have with other fill in products (granulomas, persistent erythema): 10ml of blood are collected. This is the same quantity collected for a classic blood test. After a soft centrifugal process and a filtration, the platelet-rich plasma is collected (about 3ml) in order to be injected.

Doctor Rajao uses single-use sampling and injection kits.

Injections can be done in two different ways:

  • in the same superficial layer: injected with mesotherapy, PRP improves the texture, the suppleness and the radiance of the skin. For the men, PRP treatment has displayed therapeutic effectiveness in the treatment of baldness by stimulating the growth of hair bulbs.
  • in the deep dermis: injections are made in the way others fillers are injected and the PRP has a volumizing and restructuring action.

The standard protocol involves 3 sessions at intervals of 4 to 5 weeks.

Before the session

No preparation is required. You do not need to fast. Because of the use of products derived from human blood, PRP sessions in France can not be performed in an office anymore. The sampling and the injection will be performed in the operation room of a clinic.

The injections

Blood is collected as it would be for a classic blood test before being immediately centrifuged. Injections are made through mesotherapy micro needles. The operation is painless, however some patient may need basic painkillers.
One session lasts around 45 minutes.

After the session

The follow-up is simple. Some slight redness may appear within 1 or 2 hours. Patients can use make up in the evening.
The second session is planned one month later.
A Visia® diagnosis is performed before each session in order to evaluate the changes.

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