Natural rhinoplasty and the three-thirds technique

The customized three-thirds technique

A rhinoplasty is often a stressful procedure for patients who apprehend a change that is too radical, too conspicuous to all.

Most patients who consult for a rhinoplasty have an image in mind of a small snub nose with a « rhinoplastic look », a hallmark of standard techniques used a few years back.

But now, the development of surgical rhinoplasty techniques has enabled the procedures to be adapted to each patient to obtain a natural result in harmony with their face and in keeping with their personality.

The analysis of the nasal pyramid before the rhinoplasty

The preoperative analysis of the nasal pyramid is essential to consider the exact procedures to be carried out to obtain a natural, harmonious result.

The nasal pyramid is divided into three parts: the upper third (sometimes with a bump), the middle third, and the lower third (the tip).

The technical procedures to be performed for each third are anticipated to recreate a nose that blends in naturally and restores the harmony of the face.

The result of a customized rhinoplasty is totally natural.

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