Mummy makeover

Mummy makeover

Having a child is of course wonderful, but pregnancy—and a fortiori breastfeeding—is likely to result in unsightly changes in the body.
The term Mummy Makeover concerns the combination of surgical (or non-surgical) procedures to treat the after-effects of pregnancy or breastfeeding.

The silhouette after pregnancy

Indeed, during pregnancy, the abdomen is stretched to varying degrees. After childbirth, the stretched skin gradually retracts but some excess fat may remain or even sometimes excess skin if it is not elastic enough to redrape over the treated area. This persistent excess skin possibly with stretch marks makes the stomach look flabby (even droopy), which may require what is known as an abdominoplasty. There may also be excess fat elsewhere, particularly around the love handles for example. In this case, liposuction or cryolipolysis using Coolsculpting may help eradicate these fat deposits that can resist a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

The face after pregnancy

Regarding the face, persistent excess fat can be observed for example around the neck under the chin, but sometimes the face can be more hollowed after a pregnancy. Indeed, the fat on the face of some women melts during breastfeeding or weight loss postpartum. Aesthetic medicine or surgery can correct it: in the case of excess fat, using cryolipolysis or cervical liposuction, and in the case of a hollowed face using fat injections (lipofilling) or hyaluronic acid injections to restore the pre-pregnancy fullness of the face.

The breasts after pregnancy

Sagging breasts, or breast ptosis, are often observed and also sometimes a loss of glandular tissue. In this case, the breasts after the pregnancy are smaller than before, making them look quite empty and sagging. In the case of sagging breasts, ptosis treatment will help lift and reshape the breasts but if the volume lost is too considerable, a breast augmentation with implants may be necessary to restore a satisfactory size. Sometimes, breast lipofilling is enough to improve the breasts by removing fat in an area where there is too much and reinjecting it in the breasts.

Even if it is to repair the after-effects of pregnancy, all these Mummy Makeover procedures cannot be carried out at the same time as aesthetic surgery remains non-essential surgery and no unnecessary risks must be taken. It is possible to combine surgical procedures as long as a maximum operating time of 5 hours is respected each time. However, an abdominoplasty is not usually combined with another surgical procedure.

Of course, it is necessary to ensure that you are not planning another pregnancy before undertaking a « Mummy Makeover », particularly in the case of an abdominoplasty.

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