What follow-up after aesthetic surgery?

What follow-up after aesthetic surgery?

With plastic surgery, care does not stop after the procedure.

The healing stage is very important after aesthetic surgery. I always see patients again about three or four days after the operation, then about two weeks later.

Then, there is usually an appointment one month then three months after the procedure.

In general, for face surgery such as eyelid surgery or neck lift and facelift surgery, the follow-up ends there.

For body surgery, breast surgery, or a rhinoplasty, the evolution of the result and the healing can be longer, between 6 months and a year.

This follow-up is important as changes to the care routine may be required depending on the progress of the healing and the result. In general, very little care is necessary and any potential dressings are changed at the office by our nurse. However, it is sometimes necessary to adapt the care protocol.

For all scars, there is always a phase that is not as nice around the second or third month post-op during which the scar will be more inflamed, redder, and sometimes a little swollen. Once this period has passed, the scar will slowly turn white and become finer, with the final result obtained after about one year.

In any case, post-op edema (swelling of the tissues in the area operated on) may occur in the days following the procedure. This swelling can sometimes be worrying and it is more reassuring to be able to ask the practitioner any questions you may have after the operation. Sometimes, in the event of considerable or lasting edemas, additional draining can be recommended; rapidly decreasing the swelling will help swiftly improve the operated tissue.

In some cases (breast surgery, silhouette surgery), a compression garment may be used to limit post-operative edema. During the follow-up consultation one month after the procedure, you may be permitted to remove this compression garment.

For patients who come from further away, a video consultation is feasible and, with photos sent by email, it is quite possible to discuss the progress of the healing and provide recommendations remotely.
All these post-operative follow-up consultations (virtual and face-to-face) are of course included in the price of the procedure.

These post-operative consultations will also be used to see if the result obtained is the desired result. If this is not the case, or if the healing has not gone as planned, revision surgery is always possible after a year. Revision surgery is never carried out prematurely, even in the event of scar dehiscence, as the tissues need to be strong and no longer inflammatory before considering revision. Later, a touch-up is always possible, so do not hesitate to discuss this during the consultation with your surgeon.

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