What is hydrafacial treatment?

What is hydrafacial treatment?

Hydrafacial treatment is a medical aesthetic procedure to improve the quality of the skin that is carried out at our practice. The procedure comprises five steps, is painless and no skin preparation is necessary. Hydrafacial treatment is usually performed by a specially trained nurse.

The treatment is carried out with a single-use handpiece that simultaneously diffuses the active substances and sucks up the products and dead skin cells.

The first step is Hydradermabrasion to deeply cleanse the skin. This is achieved by propelling an aqueous solution onto the surface of the skin. At each step, this solution is immediately sucked up through the tip and feels like a gentle massage.
The dead cells of the horny layer are thus gently eliminated (Dermabrasion), and unlike traditional peels, there is no mechanical abrasion.

The second step is a Hydropeel, which is an assisted peel stimulated by a solution adapted to the needs of the skin. There is no contraindication to sun exposure after this gentle peel, contrary to traditional peels.
This step completes the cleansing of the skin.

The third step of the treatment is the extraction of comedones by suction. Hydrafacial treatment removes sebum and blackheads without traumatising the epidermis. The main area treated during the third step is the T-zone or middle part of the face that includes the forehead, nose, and chin.
The pores are deeply cleansed, cleared of blackheads.

The fourth step consists in injecting in the pores left open after the extraction of the comedones, skin boosters adapted to the needs of the skin. Depending on the problem, we can target pigmentation (in the case of hyperpigmentation or melasma) or for example moisturization in the case of very dry skin.
The deeper layers of the skin at the heart of the living skin cells are infused with these boosters.

The fifth and final step consists in injecting a cocktail of antioxidants to boost the skin’s radiance. The action of the Hydrafacial treatment is finally potentiated by LED light therapy after the treatment. LED light therapy has proven its efficacy in terms of anti-inflammatory action, calming the redness and skin imperfections, as well as on the radiance of the face.

A Hydrafacial treatment lasts about 40 minutes and the result is immediately visible. It leaves your skin cleansed and radiant with a lasting glow.
It is recommended not to apply any products to the skin following the treatment. The following morning you can resume your normal skincare routine.

Depending on the needs of the skin and the desires of the patient, a Hydrafacial session can be carried out either monthly to regularly cleanse the skin or occasionally before a special event to obtain an immediate glow.

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