The breast is of particular importance from a psychological, sexual, and social point of view. There is no such thing as the « perfect breast. » What matters is having breasts which are in harmony with the silhouette, the personality and the narrative of the patient.

Doctor Rajao practices breast augmentation and breast reduction in France , as well as doing many other procedures. The Doctor always attempts to be particularly attentive to your needs in order to tailor each step of the procedure to your expectations and satisfaction.

Types of breast cosmetic surgery

  • Different procedures aim at enhancing the breast:
  • Breast augmentation: the volume of the breast is increased using implants or lipofilling, in some cases.
  • Breast ptosis: the surgery is done to lift and/or tighten the breast.
  • Breast reduction: When the breast is too large, (hypertrophy), a reduction of the size of the breast can be performed.
  • Inverted nipples: a surgical procedure is performed to treat nipples which do not erect.