I don’t like my breasts anymore… but I’m worried the result won’t look very natural

Although very widespread, breast augmentation is an aesthetic surgical procedure that is still a victim of some clichés. Many people instantly think of what we see far too often on social media or in the media in general: « bimbo » breasts, too big, which poorly conceal the wielding of the scalpel. As for men, according to them they would notice every time, to look at and to touch. Really?

And if we told you, you can undergo breast surgery without it being visible? Natural-looking new breasts are possible and here is how.


Why don’t you like your breasts (anymore)?

There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, a woman can naturally have very small breasts with underdeveloped mamary glands and little surrounding tissue. Some women are totally comfortable with it, others not so much. Often, the latter find that the size of their bust is out of proportion with the rest of their silhouette. It is also possible that women do not like the shape of their breasts, even resulting in a severe complex, as is often the case for women with tuberous breasts.

Then, the skin around the breasts is sensitive to hormone changes and weight changes, particularly due to one or several pregnancies. Some women do not recover their breasts as before; their breasts seem « empty ».

Finally, due to the phenomenon of skin aging, with time the skin loses its elasticity and tone, and as a result of the effects of gravity, the breasts tend to sag. They are less rounded and plump.

Breast augmentation, with or without implants or even composite (combining implants and lipofilling), can increase the size of the breasts very naturally and thus restore well-balanced breasts. In some cases, it can be combined with a breast lift (or ptosis treatment) to tighten the skin that has stretched too much.


Natural breast augmentation: choose your surgeon carefully

Whether it is aesthetic surgery or non-surgical techniques, the trend today is the quest for a result that is as natural as possible. This subtle approach, also known as the « French Touch », aims to beautify rather than change. It means respecting the silhouette, charm and personality of the patient thanks to a customized treatment plan. To be sure of achieving this result, the skills and know-how of the surgeon are essential. But how do you make the right choice?

It is essential to find out about the surgeon but also the clinic(s) where they operate. Your surgeon must have a good reputation and of course be registered with the National Board of Physicians. In this regard, check their experience: they must be specialists in plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery. 

Trust in word of mouth: it is always preferable if someone recommends a surgeon or even if you have seen the results yourself.


The importance of the first consultation

It is a key step in the process: this consultation is an opportunity for you to ask any questions that come to mind but also obtain specific information about the operation. Indeed, the surgeon must tell you about the benefits but also the risks inherent to any surgery, and hand you a complete file on the subject. They will also advise and reassure you. There must be no gray areas.

Make sure you are given an accurate, detailed quote as well as an informed consent form. You will also have a reflection period of 14 days between this appointment and the procedure during which you can change your mind.

As for the surgeon, they will conduct a detailed clinical examination and ask you medical questions (coagulation disorder, heart condition…) and questions regarding your motivations to eliminate any contraindications to the operation.

Finally, this consultation will allow you to see if you feel at ease with this practician, if trust is established.


A consultation for breast augmentation with Doctor Rajao

Doctor Rajao will examine your silhouette, bust, and waist very carefully, as well as the shape and position of your breasts, areolae, and the shape of your thorax. She will also take into account the quality of your skin. Indeed, its tone and thickness are important factors because they will guide the positioning of the implant (in particular behind or in front of the muscle). Thin, poor quality skin will not tolerate implants that are too big; they will be too heavy and a retromuscular insertion will be preferred as the aim is not to accentuate any sagging skin!

Of course, the consultation is also an opportunity to express your desires: what breasts would you like? What size would suit you?

Depending on the clinical examination, your desires, and your shape, Doctor Rajao will advise you regarding the most suitable implants for you but also where and how they will be inserted: type of implant, insertion approach (areolar, under the armpit, under the breast), and positioning (dual plane, under the gland or under the pectoral muscle). Depending on that, she will explain the specificities linked to the procedure and the technique chosen.

How do you choose the size?

Your surgeon is there to advise you about the size of the implants depending on several criteria. If you are looking for a natural result, we will opt for a moderate augmentation, not too much or too little, that will be in harmony with your entire silhouette but also your personality and your lifestyle. The best thing to do is to try your new silhouette so you can clearly visualize the result.

For that, Doctor Rajao has test implants you can slide into a bra during the consultation to appreciate the result, thus allowing you to choose the right size that is perfect for you. A tip? Bring a white v-neck t-shirt: this should give you a good idea about the augmentation and the result around the neckline and the silhouette.


Natural breast augmentation: with or without implants, or both?

It is now quite common to combine the insertion of a breast implant with the technique of lipofilling (the injection of the patient’s own fat) to obtain an even more natural result that softens the neckline and improves the quality of the skin, especially in slim people. However, this innovative autograft technique can be conducted alone: it is ideal for women who desire a minor breast augmentation of only one cup. In this case, two successive operations will probably be carried out to optimize the result.


It is therefore possible to undergo breast surgery and achieve a result that is so natural that no one – not even your partner – can tell.

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