The different type of a aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine covers all the aesthetic procedures that can be performed in the office.

They can be combined depending on the expectations of the patient. They are applicable to both men and women and allow for resumption of social activities immediately after the treatment.

Hyaluronic acid:

volumetric treatment of the wrinkles, the lines and the volumes of the face.

Botulinum toxin:

treatment of the expression lines with a relaxing action on the muscles.


resurfacing treatment of the skin with a light to moderate chemical dermabrasion.


enhancement of the quality of the skin with a multi-vitamin complex and hyaluronic acid through micro injections.


stimulation of collagen synthesis with laser pulses.


(Platelet-rich Plasma): innovative technology permitting to inject the patient’s own platelets in order to enhance the quality of the skin tissues.

The procedure of an anti-ageing medecine

Dr Natalie Rajao uses  Visia® optical technology to establish a diagnosis regarding the patients’ skin. This system allows her to best analyze the skin imperfections in a comprehensive and objective way and helps define the best treatment for the patient.

In every case, you will be given an information sheet along with a detailed estimate before the treatment.