Using cannulas for injections

Using cannulas for injections

Painless hyaluronic acid injections

Many patients fear aesthetic treatments because of the multiple injections performed. There is absolutely no reason to be apprehensive. Thanks to new techniques, hyaluronic acid treatments are painless and do not cause any bruising.

Hyaluronic acid injections can be performed with a supple and flexible cannula. The diameter of the cannula is as thin as the diameter of a needle, but the difference lies in the tip of the tool. The tip of the needle is beveled (spiky), whereas the tip of the cannula is blunt and round, and therefore causes no trauma.

Optimization of hyaluronic acid injections

This technique offers many benefits:

  1. A single isolated entry point of the cannula is enough to treat an extended zone. For example, one point is enough to treat the upper and the lower lip. Another point can treat the periorbital (eye contour) area. One point is sufficient for the face oval, etc.
  2. With an isolated entry point, a local anesthesia can be administered for optimal comfort. An anesthetic cream can be applied before the injection to allow a painless experience.
  3. Using a cannula permits a retrograde and continuous action in a homogenous layer. There will be no irregularities or wave effects.
  4. Finally, thanks to the rounded tip, the cannula slides into the tissues without any risk of damaging a vessel. The use of cannulas protects against bruising of the tissues.

Injections through cannulas are completely painless and offer an immediate and natural result. Aesthetic treatments with injections can now be carried out with optimal comfort.

Do not be afraid of injections! No need to suffer to be beautiful.

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