How to undergo surgery but still stay natural?

For a long time aesthetic surgery seemed superficial and the results were considered too artificial and too visible. And for good reason! Originating from the United States, the aesthetic surgery in fashion was that of radical changes and stereotypes (even both).
New XXL breasts, small snub nose, or outrageous lift undermined this practice which, when it is carried out with the aim of ensuring a natural result offers the patient genuine betterment. Indeed, thanks to the major advances in the field, aesthetic surgery can provide subtle and harmonious results.
So, surgery and natural, is it possible? The answer is yes! Here are a few tips to staying natural with aesthetic surgery


Do not give in to the diktats of beauty

Unfortunately it is difficult, particularly for women, to avoid the often contradictory pressures society throws at us. Youth is everywhere, faces and bodies are photoshopped and the slightest wrinkle hunted down and violently criticized (remember Alessandra Sublet on the front page of ELLE). But at the same time, we openly make fun of actresses too doctored.
The pressure is the combination of a ban on growing old and moral judgment regarding rejuventating techniques and, therefore, those that give in to them.
Hard to get away from these messages, even though we are not all affected by them to the same extent. It all depends on our narcissism, our ego. It is thus necessary to put things into perspective and find a balance between our desires, our insecurities, and our well-being. Not giving in to diktats at all costs means trying to find a compromise or some sort of negotiation involving, amongst other things, seeking a subtle and harmonious but also personalized result.


Start with non invasive techniques

This can sometimes be an interesting option as some surgical procedures have a “lighter” version in aesthetic medicine. But if there is no surgery the effects are temporary, which is a good way to test before taking the plunge. Furthermore, aesthetic medicine is an excellent way of slowing the effects of skin aging and preventing the appearance of wrinkles but also brown spots or sagging skin. As such, it also helps push back the age of undergoing surgery.
A medical rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid injections can resolve a bump on your nose, mild asymmetry, or a drooping tip without the need for surgery.
Hyaluronic acid is also used to plump the skin, restructure the volumes, fill wrinkles, and gently rejuvenate the face. Botulinum toxin (Botox) injections, when done accurately and sparingly, help relax the area around the eyes and smooth the forehead without freezing your expressions. Numerous techniques without surgery can be used to “gently” rejuvenate notably by playing on the tone and the quality of the skin with results that are imperceptible to your family and friends with the exception of just thinking you look in great shape and particularly rested.


Choose subtle not radical changes

It is true that some plastic surgery procedures are quite radical, particularly when it is more reconstructive surgery. Indeed, people who have experienced significant weight loss following bariatric surgery or a drastic diet can undergo more or less major plastic surgery and the changes on the body will be a fortiori visible but they help greatly improve quality of life.
However, even for quite a major transformation (like maxillofacial surgery) or very prominent ears, the change can go relatively unnoticed. Indeed, whatever the extent of the defect, modern and especially French aesthetic surgery aims to correct or beautify but always in keeping with the anatomy of the patient, their personality, and their charm. Moreover, we now talk more of a pro-aging approach rather than anti-aging. The solutions proposed and the techniques used aim to harmoniously reconcile physique with perception and age.
This carefully coordinated approach is valid for all aesthetic procedures: lifts, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty… For example, all the women who undergo breast augmentation are not looking for huge breasts! In most cases, they are primarily looking for more balanced proportions to feel better in their body. More and more men are also turning to aesthetic surgery and medicine with an increasingly demanding desire for natural results: the current trend is for natural results, to age but to age well.


Choose your surgeon carefully to guarantee a result that meets your expectations

Any aesthetic surgery can also be carried out with fineness and subtlety.
The solution is, therefore, to put yourself in the hands of an expert surgeon who shares this vision of beauty and aesthetics. How do you choose the right aesthetic surgeon?

  • Firstly, check their qualifications: make sure they are registered with the National Board of Physicians and are a member of the French Society for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SOFCPRE).
  • Then, trust in word of mouth! Nothing beats a surgeon recommended by a close friend or family member, preferably someone who has undergone the procedure you wish to undergo, or recommended by a fellow colleague.
  • Do not hesitate to consult two or three surgeons to have a choice.
  • Observe the members of the surgeon’s team. Do they match the image you have of what is natural?
  • During the consultation: ask as many questions as possible. A competent, serious surgeon will do the same and will reply openly. They will give you a complete file about the procedure, its benefits and risks along with a detailed quote. You will also have a period of reflection.
  • Trust your impressions: you must have confidence and feel at ease.
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