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Liposuction, cryolipolysis, or coolsculpting… how do I choose?

To understand better and choose between liposuction, cryolipolysis, and coolsculpting, you first need to know what we are talking about. I would like to help you understand the differences and indications of these TWO silhouette reshaping treatments. Yes, two and not three: there is a red herring in the title…   Silhouette: focus on stubborn … Find out more … 768w, 300w

Bye-bye love handles

For men and women, these small fat deposits around the hips distort the silhouette. The good news is there are several ways of reducing and even eliminating them with or without surgery.   What are love handles? Behind this rather cute moniker hides two bulges around the hips that we could do without. And for … Find out more … 768w, 300w

How to stay radiant after 50: which aesthetic procedures ?

First and foremost, a key point is that no, it is not recommended and even less compulsory to undergo aesthetic surgery to « stay radiant after 50 » because you can look and feel beautiful after 50 without aesthetic surgery! However, it would be wrong to say that these operations do not bring great satisfaction to those … Find out more … 768w, 300w

How to get a flat tummy with aesthetic surgery?

Our tummy – and hips – is the area of predilection of small localized and stubborn fat deposits, often causing hang-ups. Sagging skin following pregnancy, changes in weight or just passing time, excess fat and lax abdominals, when exercise and good nutrition are not enough it is possible to correct these defects and recover a … Find out more … 768w, 300w

8 questions and answers about facelifts

A facelift, the gold standard in aesthetic surgery for total facial rejuvenation, is a customized procedure. Far from drawn, artificial results, my approach focuses on attention to detail and elegance. A good facelift can make you look around ten years younger, it can be seen and yet is « invisible« . The result is perfectly natural and … Find out more … 640w, 300w

Advice for choosing the right cosmetic surgeon

When you want to have cosmetic surgery it is important to take your time and find the right cosmetic surgeon for you. How to choose the right cosmetic surgeon for you? It is still a good policy to see out personal recommendations from someone you know or a family member. However, if you want to … Find out more … 735w, 300w

10 key questions

How is surgery performed? Is there a set time limit before receiving treatment? How many follow-up appointments will be planned after the surgery? What are Doctor Rajaonarivelo’s specializations? Should minors always be accompanied for the consultations? Can an aesthetic surgery be covered by health insurance? What is the coverage by the health insurance? What is … Find out more … 768w, 300w

Teenagers and aesthetic surgery

Puberty is a period when the personality is not yet developed and is generally associated with a quest for identity. Sometimes young people desperately want to change their appearance and this may cause major psychological repercussions. It is important for parents to be vigilant and to listen to their suffering children. Nevertheless, this does not … Find out more …

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