Buttock surgery is now frequently requested and demand for this surgery keeps increasing. Different techniques can be used for buttock reshaping followed depending upon the desired goal of the treatment.

  • Lipofilling is usually a good solution for a moderate buttock augmentation. The sides are reduced and the small of the back accentuated with a liposuction done with the fat that has been suctioned out and then injected in the buttocks to increase is volume.
  • Hyaluronic acid injections are another solution for a buttock augmentation. They are indicated for a moderate augmentation and avoid the need of a surgery in the operating facility. The surgeon administers Macrolane injections in her office to raise the volume of the buttock to about 200 cc. There is no pain following the injections, and usual activities can be commenced immediately. However, the patient should wait 1 week before going back to sports activities.
  • In case of major augmentation, gluteal implants will offer a satisfying result. They allow for achieving a larger volume and a more rounded shape than a lipofilling would attain. As it is the case for breast surgery, round or anatomical implants will be chosen according to the patient’s morphology. Biconvex implants can be used in order to obtain an optimal projection of the buttocks.

The surgery is carried out under general anesthesia and lasts between 1 and 2 hours. The implant is placed under the gluteus maximus muscle in order to obtain a natural, visible and touchable result. The scar is completely invisible, as it is situated in the gluteal fold, between the buttocks.

There is no drain, but an adapted pressure garment, suited to the implants, will be placed at the end of the surgery.
The follow-up is simple and any pain is usually alleviated by the usual pain-killers. Normal activities can commence about 2 weeks after surgery and sports and exercises can be resumed progressively after 6 weeks.
The definitive result will be appreciable after about 3 months.

The first shower is permitted the day after the surgery but baths should be avoided for the first month.

Before / After PhotosCas 1 : chirurgie des fesses (face)Cas 1 : chirurgie des fesses (trois quart)chirurgie des fesses
Cas 1 : chirurgie des fesses (trois quart)
Les photos montrent, avec son consentement, les clichés de la même personne avant et après traitement. Aucune retouche n’a été effectuée. Il est important de souligner que le résultat attendu est propre à chaque personne.