Thigh lift surgery is designed to tighten the skin of the inner part of the thigh and remove excess fat when an isolated liposuction is insufficient.

Before the procedure

This aesthetic surgery procedure involves a significant follow-up. Patients will need 1 to 2 weeks of convalescence after this procedure.
Patients need to stop smoking at least 1 month before the surgery.

The procedure

Thigh lift is always carried out under general anesthesia and the hospitalization usually lasts 1 night.

After the procedure

A prophylactic anticoagulation treatment using heparin injections is systematically prescribed for 10 days following surgery in order to avoid phlebitis and pulmonary embolisms. Along these lins as well, compression stockings should be worn for the same 10 days following surgery.

The stitches are dissolvable, a compressive garment is needed for 1 month following surgery, and a sport activity can resume slowly and progressively about 3 months after surgery.

The first shower is permitted the day after the surgery but baths should be avoided for the first month following surgery. The scars situated in the inner part of the thigh need to be protected from the sun for the first year after the surgery!