What surgery is available for men?

What surgery is available for men?

Aesthetic surgery is becoming increasingly accessible and even men are increasingly turning to minor aesthetic procedures.
Men even more than women are generally looking for a discreet, natural result. What men are particularly looking for is to recover freshness and dynamism, while preserving their masculine characteristics. For young or active men, taking care of their body and their appearance is now common practice and so they will more easily undergo surgical or non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

Surgery in men

The most requested face procedure is eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to maintain a fresh, dynamic look. It can involve removing excess skin that weighs on the eyes or removing puffiness that gives them a tired appearance. Concerning the silhouette, liposuction is the most requested procedure, to lighten the silhouette and make it more dynamic. Indeed, in men, the fat tends to settle around the abdomen and the love handles. HiDef (High Definition) liposuction can reshape the waist and abdominals. During liposuction, the fat removed can be reinjected and used for body contouring to reshape the abdominals or pectorals. There is also a procedure to treat gynecomastia, which consists in removing the breasts in men, particularly requested during adolescence. Finally, a rhinoplasty is mainly requested by young men who wish to rectify a bump, a deviated nose, or a droopy nose.

Aesthetic medicine for men

In terms of non-invasive procedures, requests are the same as for surgery; men are looking for a fresher, less tired appearance. Indeed, with time the face becomes marked, looking more tired and less dynamic. With a minor correction using hyaluronic acid in the tear trough, it is possible to plump the face and restore freshness, subtly and naturally. It is also possible to apply a tiny spot of botulinum toxin to the frown lines or crow’s feet to obtain a much fresher and rested face. Indeed, with time and worries, some face muscles tend to remain permanently contracted, marking the face with a severe, closed expression.

Modern men take care of themselves, and more and more men pay attention to the quality of their skin to maintain a healthy glow and healthy skin. Skincare procedures such as Hydrafacial treatments or mesotherapy (with or without micro-needling) are fashionable among men who thus find a way of easily and non-invasively looking after their appearance.

In fact, as with women, men are happy to undergo aesthetic surgery or medicine but they really want something that will go unnoticed and remains perfectly natural.

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