How to prepare for your first aesthetic surgery appointment

Sometimes it can be months or even years before taking the plunge and making your first appointment for an aesthetic surgery consultation.
It is important to be prepared for this appointment to ensure you can leave with a clear idea and thus make a decision with all the facts in hand.
Before your appointment, do not hesitate to write down any questions you may have as with the stress of the consultation it is often easy to forget questions that seemed perfectly clear just beforehand.

Clearly define your expectations

Try to define as clearly as possible what you like, what you would like, and what you certainly would not like. Much as it is unrealistic to turn up with photos of exactly what you would like (as each person is unique and distinctive), it is interesting to show what you really do not want and what you like.
Regarding aging, do not hesitate to bring photos of you when you were younger, for example twenty, thirty or forty years old depending on your age, as it will show how your face has changed and what has changed (and therefore the issues to be addressed while preserving the same basic face).
If the consultation concerns the revision of a procedure or a correction, remember to bring your operative report and, for breast implants, the reference numbers of the implants, as this could be very useful for the surgeon.


Take the time to think

Do not hesitate to come with someone as it can be reassuring for the first consultation, which is often quite daunting.
Finally, remember to schedule enough time for this consultation so you can ask the questions that seem important to you and to be sure you have all the information you need to make a decision.
If you are extremely undecided, it is recommended to consult two or three practitioners so you have different opinions, as well as more factors for comparison and to help make a decision.

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