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What follow-up after aesthetic surgery?

With plastic surgery, care does not stop after the procedure. The healing stage is very important after aesthetic surgery. I always see patients again about three or four days after the operation, then about two weeks later. Then, there is usually an appointment one month then three months after the procedure.  In general, for … Find out more … 768w, 300w

Aesthetic surgery: is it painful?

Patients often ask « Is the surgery painful? » There is an old saying « beauty is pain « , but this should no longer be the dictum. Great care is taken with pain and its management, including for aesthetic surgery. Pain varies depending on the procedure In reality, the answer to this question can be no pain, a … Find out more … 768w, 300w

What surgery is available for men?

Aesthetic surgery is becoming increasingly accessible and even men are increasingly turning to minor aesthetic procedures. Men even more than women are generally looking for a discreet, natural result. What men are particularly looking for is to recover freshness and dynamism, while preserving their masculine characteristics. For young or active men, taking care of their … Find out more … 768w, 300w

Mummy makeover

Having a child is of course wonderful, but pregnancy—and a fortiori breastfeeding—is likely to result in unsightly changes in the body. The term Mummy Makeover concerns the combination of surgical (or non-surgical) procedures to treat the after-effects of pregnancy or breastfeeding.  The silhouette after pregnancy Indeed, during pregnancy, the abdomen is stretched to varying … Find out more …


Pink October: breast cancer awareness month

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, with nearly 60,000 new cases diagnosed every year in France. Almost 1 in 9 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. Fortunately, thanks to research, new patient care protocols and doctors’ expertise, over 3 out of 4 breast cancers are cured. This figure also … Find out more …


Skincare essentials for the over 40s

Over the decades, the skin loses its tone and becomes marked as a sign of the passing of time: wrinkles, loss of elasticity or sagging of the facial contour. From the age of 40, cell renewal slows down and collagen fibers deteriorate, leading to inevitable skin aging. However, it is possible to delay the appearance … Find out more … 640w, 300w

Advice for choosing the right cosmetic surgeon

When you want to have cosmetic surgery it is important to take your time and find the right cosmetic surgeon for you. How to choose the right cosmetic surgeon for you? It is still a good policy to see out personal recommendations from someone you know or a family member. However, if you want to … Find out more … 640w, 300w

Mesolift: prepare your face for the summer

Summer is coming, and now is the time to prepare your body for this new season and the holidays. On the beach, in the mountains, or around a swimming pool, a lovely figure and a fresh complexion are what most of us desire. In order to get the results you want, it is worth considering … Find out more … 640w, 300w

Obesity: what is it?

Obesity has become a public health problem in France, as it is now affecting 15% of the population . This disease is brought about by a disequilibrium between the quantity of energy absorbed and spent, which can rapidly become dangerous if it reaches an advanced stage. On the occasion of the next World Health Day … Find out more … 640w, 300w

Eating well and keeping your figure – Food day

We are living longer, and keeping in good physical health is getting more and more difficult. Even Hippocrates was convinced that « food is the best medicine » for Man. In fact, recent studies show us that good health is directly linked to the food we eat. We need food to live,  but it can also … Find out more …

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