More beautiful lips: Lip lift or injections?

Who hasn’t dreamt of a beautiful mouth with well-defined, shapely lips? To boot, your smile is one of the first features others see! Time takes its toll on our lips: they tend to get thinner, wrinkle, lose their volume, and become less well-defined thus modifying the proportions and balance of the rest of your face. … Find out more …

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Embellishment and Rejuvenation of the Lips

Rejuvenation of the perioral area and of the lips is a very complex procedure. An effective and natural result requires a lot of expertise. As a specialist of aesthetic medicine and surgery, Doctor Natalie Rajaonarivelo was asked to write a chapter dealing with the rejuvenation of the lips and the perioral area in a reference … Find out more …

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A new treatment for lips offering a natural result   Enhance the shape of your mouth Volbella represents a revolutionary solution for reshaping and rejuvenating the lips. These natural and safe injections are designed to fill in the lips and the perioral area, a very delicate area of skin. This new treatment aiming at enhancing … Find out more …

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