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How to stay radiant after 50: which aesthetic procedures ?

First and foremost, a key point is that no, it is not recommended and even less compulsory to undergo aesthetic surgery to « stay radiant after 50 » because you can look and feel beautiful after 50 without aesthetic surgery! However, it would be wrong to say that these operations do not bring great satisfaction to those … Find out more …


Mesotherapy with Skinpen

Mesotherapy with SkinPen is a technique used to revitalize the skin by boosting the fibroblasts responsible for synthesizing collagen. How does Skinpen work? SkinPen is a pen comprising around ten needles that very rapidly pierce the skin at a predetermined speed and depth. This technique, also known as « microneedling », is combined with the application of … Find out more … 768w, 300w

How to remove a bump on your nose without surgery?

If you are interested in aesthetic medicine and beauty, you will have undoubtedly already seen before and after photos of a medical rhinoplasty on social media. This technique of injecting hyaluronic acid corrects nose imperfections and defects without surgery, sometimes with impressive results. Numerous patients consult me about removing a bump on their nose but … Find out more … 768w, 300w

8 questions and answers about facelifts

A facelift, the gold standard in aesthetic surgery for total facial rejuvenation, is a customized procedure. Far from drawn, artificial results, my approach focuses on attention to detail and elegance. A good facelift can make you look around ten years younger, it can be seen and yet is « invisible« . The result is perfectly natural and … Find out more … 640w, 300w

Botox© or hyaluronic acid

As more and more people are choosing injectable cosmetic treatments, patients often ask, “What’s better, Botox© or hyaluronic acid?” But in reality, the two procedures are totally unrelated and act in completely different ways. Botox©  is in fact a brand name for botulinum toxin, which other brands produce under names including Azzalure© , Vistabel©  and Bocouture© . … Find out more … 735w, 300w

Using cannulas for injections

Painless hyaluronic acid injections Many patients fear aesthetic treatments because of the multiple injections performed. There is absolutely no reason to be apprehensive. Thanks to new techniques, hyaluronic acid treatments are painless and do not cause any bruising. Hyaluronic acid injections can be performed with a supple and flexible cannula. The diameter of the cannula is … Find out more … 391w, 300w

Under-eye treatment

TÉOSYAL REDENSITY Eyes An exclusive formulation for the under-eye area Interview with Doctor Natalie Rajaonarivelo: Question: Correcting the under-eye area has always been a complex procedure. What are the benefits of Redensity II Eyes? Answer: Hyaluronic acid has been used for a long time to refill hollow under-eyes. However, this area may be sensitive because … Find out more … 768w, 300w


A new treatment for lips offering a natural result   Enhance the shape of your mouth Volbella represents a revolutionary solution for reshaping and rejuvenating the lips. These natural and safe injections are designed to fill in the lips and the perioral area, a very delicate area of skin. This new treatment aiming at enhancing … Find out more …

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